Wednesday, June 25, 2008


For a very limited time, the Palo Alto and SoMa Missions are delivering a special pilot program - a kid's version of The Way to Happiness!! This is an abridged and simplified edition of the popular booklet especially for young readers. Please call for more details.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I thought you all would be interested that both SoMa and Palo Alto Missions sign up new people only for Basics Courses. Our favorites are Self Analysis, Problems of Work and Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought. Almost ALL the new people complete these courses and go on to another service at the Mission! So, if you have friends or family members that you want to get started on Scientology® services, send them to the Mission. Check out these recent success stories from brand new students:
"WOW! What an amazing course! I’ll never be the same. This stuff about valences! Wow! I might be a hundred people in one! And so far from being myself. This is what I’ve been searching for years for: answers, facts and how to go about improving self. And even finding my true self. Can’t wait to find out who I really am! As far as life as a game, amazing! It really is! What a messed up game and character I chose. It’s crazy! All odds were against me. I couldn’t win. Thank god I didn’t die in the process. As far as me, I’m doing great! I feel I have hope now! This Scientology is remarkable. If only everyone knew, and weren’t content with their life or stuck on someone else’s lie. Someone else’s lie that became their truth. If only people would search for their own answers and find out what’s true to them. I’m so proud of myself for not taking anyone’s word for it or spending my life depending on blind faith. My goal always has been to change for the better and to one day be an example and help others! Like you! It must be very rewarding. Thank you for your time, patience and friendship!" -M.M Fundamentals of Thought Book Course

"If one were to walk into the SoMa Mission with an empty tool belt and had only one book that they could read before going to Antarctica, I would suggest that they read Self Analysis and take it with them. This has been an incredibly intimate journey. With courage and an intense curiosity for what it was/is that I am composed of, I was able to come through the other side with a greater understanding of self - leading to a better ability to master self. It takes strength to read this book. Even more - it takes patience and dedication. But if there's anyone who is worth it and who has the most invested, it is YOU.” N.K. Self Analysis Book Course

"I cannot believe the change that I have noticed in all aspects of my life. I have been able to apply the principles with my daughter, my work and clients. My relationships have improved and I have been at cause in my own life." R.W. Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health Book course

"I can use and apply the principles and data that I learned in Self Analysis to survive. By running lists either alone or with someone else I can bring myself higher up on the tone scale, improve memory, reduce pain or any number of positive things." J.R. Self Analysis Book Course

“This course fully defines what a person’s next move may be. An auditor with the use of this book can be greatly effective in helping a person to regain a great amount of theta.” R.W. Science of Survival Book Course

"This book has given me insight into what it is that incapacitates an otherwise capable human being when it comes to the subject of work. With an economic recession around the corner, the tools and processes learned in "The Problems of Work" are vital towards the survival of an individual and his/her family. Work can be enjoyable and this book has been an enlightening read that aptly discloses just how to restore the verve to a 9-5 workaday living. I'm excited to experience my coming employment in a new and bright light. I now know that I have what it takes to be a very good worker indeed! :)" N.K. Problems of Work