Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fully Competent With Dianetics

T. S. finished the Hubbard Dianetic Auditor course. He says about it: "This was actually incredible. I've been auditing for over 30 years and have audited alot of people.

With the data and techniques contained on this course, I am now fully competent and relaxed about auditing Dianetics."

Calmness and Less Worry About Others

T. T. finished the Factors lectures. Here is what he said about them: "I completed the Factors lectures. Probably knowing that there is no hidden influence gives me more of a calmness and less worry about what someone may say. I can have more certainty about my beingness and what I can postulate. Being able to change and control anchor points, change and controlmy space will go a long way towards my ability to create and produce in the future."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Using Communication to Survive Better in the Future

I.R. completed the Success Through Communications course. He had this to say about it: "After the rigid training with my teacher, I feel that I now can hear and recognize different types of communication in real life. It is now up to me to use the tool that she gave to me to fulfill my roles in life as a father, as a husband, as a great citizen and to continue communicating properly so that I do not become a criminal in this universe. Mr. Hubbard said not to communicate is a crime. Communication is the heart in life. Without communication, you are basically dead.

I would like to thank my teacher for the gift of communication because now my communication skills are beating like a heart. I will keep it that way to survive in my future endeavors."

Negative Aspects of Life Disappearing!

R. W. is being counseled on New Era Dianetics Auditing and had this to say about his experience: "It's utterly amazing when one finds "THAT" postulate [a conclusion, decision or resolution made by the individual himself ] which seems soooo true to you and you say "What was all that about?". It no longer STICKS!! It's gone!! If you're ready to go on to New Era Dianetics Auditing don't stop - don't delay because this is where the Funk/Junk disappears!! GONE! You have gone this far and now you're feeling pretty good but this is where it gets handled forever!!"

No More Pain

A.J.M. completed a Dianetics assist auditing program. He says: "I have definitely had a HUGE win during the assist because before I couldn't do anything that involved my back for too long because it would start to hurt. But I feel because I have had this auditing program that pain in my back will not continue and I will be able to do Freshman Football."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Aware and More Able

TC completed Expanded Grade IV, which moves a person out of fixed conditions and gives them the ablity to do other things. Here is what she said about it: "Once again this grade seemed to be at a great gradient to face and go through! I thought it would be more intense than it was. I really keyed out when I found out what some of my service facsimiles [a consideration that one must be consistently in a certain state in order to survive] were and I feel more aware now - of myself and what I know and what is going on in my environment. I feel more able."

Spiritual Gain

S. P. finished the book and lecture course Handbook for PreClears/The Life Continuum. He says: "This course was a lot of fun as it was the next step in the basics. The new discoveries and concepts he talked about, I can tell, are going to really help my spiritual gain if they haven't already. I enjoy learning the new information Ron discovered and I can't wait for the next book."

Knowing Exactly What To Do When Helping Someone

C. F. finished the Hubbard Dianetics Auditor course. She says: "This course covered every single scenario in the book Dianetics and taught me exactly what to do - it was super cool!"

Relief from Hostilities and Sufferings of Life

J. H. finished Expanded Grade II, which brings relief to a person from the hostilities and sufferings of life. Here is his success: "This is so cool! I am totally free of past transgressions on my life and I feel much more capable of attacking life! I have now found understanding for life and all its parts and I can't wait to use it! Without my attention units stuck on past misdeeds or other people's considerations, it will be fun!!!"